(New) Creation

27 May

Back in 2001ish, I read a couple of John Eldredge books.  Now, say what you want about him and his theology, but this post isn’t really about that. I don’t remember which book it was (either The Sacred Romance or Journey of Desire), but it was the first time I read anything about the concept of “creating things” in Heaven (or, the New Earth). This later  came up again in a conversation with Ben, when he was expressing how excited he was about the idea (I believe this was when he was doing a book study with some guys on Randy Alcorn’s “Heaven”). Ben is a born “creator”, as am I. I suppose we all are, to differing degrees. If God is a creator (and this is a true and good attribute of him), and we are created in his Image (!), then there are all sorts of arguments as to why the “creating” can go on in Eternity. (I’ve heard on more than one occasion that “the only thing that we do now that we will continue to do in Heaven is worship”. Feel free to point out some glaring scripture I’m missing, but I don’t see this in Scripture at all. There are so many good things that will carry on. Though I suppose you can make the argument that in the New Earth, in glory, everything we do will be “all worship”, without tarnish.)

This whole idea excites me, especially on the days and weeks that I just want to stay home and create. I want to wake up and write a book and paint and take photos and rehab furniture and make things. Surely I’m not the only one?

One day I can do that without having to worry about getting paid. Or sleep, for that matter.


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