Excuses, Excuses

21 Aug

"Well, this is awkward."

Here’s the thing. If there’s nothing really going on in my life, I’m all like: “Hey, I have nothing to blog about. I’m just going to work and doing my thing, you know?” And then, if there’s something really big and really personal going on in my life, I think: “Well, that’s too personal to blog about. I mean, why put your whole dirty laundry out there for everyone? Nobody wants that, and they’ll just feel awkward. Or sorry for you. Or they’ll feel like they have to pretend to “pray for you”. (There are some folks out there who really do that, I know, but I’ve been guilty of saying “I’ll pray for you”, when I really just don’t know what else to say.) Then, if there’s stuff going on that is great but not too personal, then I’m all: “I’m too busy to blog right now!” or “Nobody really cares about that anyway….you already screwed your blog by not writing in forEVZ, so you should probably play some more Froggy Jump.

So. I’m not going to do that today. Why, you ask? Because I’m procrastinating! That’s right, I have far too much to do (as you will soon see) and I’d rather sit at my new (to me)  pretty black MacBook, drink coffee and wait til my husband gets home from work to get crankin on the stuff we need to do.
Such as?

OK, so we’re moving in a week. Which reminds me, I should start a Facebook Event because that’s the only thing that seems to work these days. Thanks to Ben, we have a good start on the packing, though he tends to pack a little too much too soon. (“I’m leaving two plates and two forks for us for the next week.” “Um, no.”) But there’s plenty more to pack. Super huge thanks to the Ryans, because it’s really nice to not have to drive all over Indy, sneaking into the fenced-off trash bins of big box stores (there’s a reason they call them that, I guess) to gather boxes. They came over a couple of months ago with a truck full of boxes from their latest move. AWESOME. SO yeah, there’s that.

There’s also the actual house. We’d planned on getting FAR more done this summer (we closed on the house in May), but a lot of stuff was put on hold as we tried to get the previous owners to fulfill their contract (which included some basement work, electrical, etc), which was a tough job. Finally, all that got done (mostly) and then the aircon went out. And then our home warranty company decided to reject our claim for it. Thanks, HWA, you were really helpful!

No, no you were not.

Anyway, we’re still working on that. But it’s been pretty miserable (for us and for some friends who were gracious enough to help us!) trying to get everything painted in the house. I think we might actually be able to get it done, though we probably won’t be done with the trim (there’s a LOT OF TRIM). Eh, whatever. But we WILL have working air conditioning by when we move in (it’s consistently been over 90 degrees here….but isn’t that true everywhere?), even if I have to hire the local garden gnomes to bring ice cubes into our vents and blow on them. That’ll work, right?

So then there’s this one little thing.

I got a new job.

Last week was my last week at Outreach. Next week is my first week as Program Manager (or Program Director, or Program Managing Director, depending on who you ask when) at LifeBridge Community. Yes, the week we’re moving. Great idea, eh?

So THAT has been happening.

Yeah, I’ll be glad when we get through all this.

But it’s exciting, no?

Maybe I’ll post some photos for you. Eventually.


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