7 Nov

OK, so here’s the true story of why I didn’t blog Friday or Saturday:

1) I thought there would be internet access at our retreat center. There wasn’t. (Or, there was, but I couldn’t access the computer that it was on. Apparently.)

2) When I did finally get internet access, my WordPress iPod application crashed every time it opened (thanks for the update, WordPress! BLURG).

So that’s the truth. But it was a bit of a blessing. I was running (my first ever) a women’s retreat for the women of my church. It was a hugh honor, and it was such a blessing to be with those women. Plus, my best friend Chrissy was in town for it (she was a GREAT speaker, and a gifted teacher), so I loved spending time with her. She is the best possible friend I could ever ask for, and I love seeing her (she lives in St Louis with her hubbins and goes to Covenant Seminary).

I came home after the stress (and honor) of all that to a bit of a mess at home I have to deal with. So I’m sorry if I’m out of sorts a bit for a while. It’ll be fine. But I’m a little cranky.

Also, I’m cranky because I can’t get the Colts game on TV. What’s that about?!


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